I help global brands transform mundane information into meaningful narratives. 

What I can do for you

B2B Informational cONTENT WRITING

  • White papers

  • Reports 

  • Articles

  • Guides

  • Product Descriptions

  • E-books


  • Blogs

  • Long-form articles

  • Guides

  • Travel features

  • Travel itineraries 

extra touches

  • Editing & Proofreading

  • Graphic design

  • Social Media


What's your message for the world? 

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There are writers who write, and then there’s me.


Those who know me tell me I’m industrious. I thrive in the “grey area” between organization and chaos, willing to push boundaries until my client’s objectives are met.


And I’m more than just a Word document. Over the years, I have developed an eye for design and workmanship that has allowed me to bring life and vision to even the most lackluster of projects.  


My creative problem-solving abilities were honed through my studies at UC Berkeley. I later put those skills to good use as a member of the marketing team for Stride Travel, a travel tech company.


However, working in the travel industry was not quite enough; I found myself drawn to the far reaches of the globe. Now, you can find me living and working alongside my South African partner in Hanoi, Vietnam. I’m happy to be settled down, but anxiously await the next adventure, the next project, the next moment to help another find success with a few well-placed words on a page.


In between freelance assignments, I find time to work with Vietnamese high school students on their writing skills and college essays. I really enjoy sharing my passions with budding writers, while also learning more about my own craft in the process. I am addicted to learning; there is always something to be gained from seeking an education, and mine is a continual process. When working on a project with a client, I am always looking to better understand their brand, audience, and market, allowing myself the opportunity to be immersed in their unique perspective.


For me, writing is a logical process, with each step functioning as a building block for the final product. I approach my work, and my life, with a critical mindset.


Or, in other words, I’m a damn good list maker. And I make sure to leave no box unchecked.


"Mariah worked as Stride's social media marketing intern but she contributed significantly more than the average intern. Mariah brought not only the creativity needed for the position but a data-driven approach that increased core metrics for the business. Multiple times, Mariah went above and beyond to create unique campaigns using her skills in photo and video editing. She also distilled our social media strategy into an easy to understand resource for other interns going forward. I'm excited to see where Mariah lands after she finishes up at Cal and would recommend her strongly to anyone."


My happy clients

My certifications

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Certificate of Completion: Copywriting White Papers 

Len Smith, Udemy


B.A. Media Studies 

University of California, Berkeley


120 Hour TEFL Certificate

TEFL Full Circle


A.A. Sociology (with honors)

City College of San Francisco